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Sunday, 24 March 2013

How to hack mikrotik hotspot

How to hack mikrotik hotspot

During recent months a growing number of free internet tricks spread via the Internet. Whether it's breaking through mobile broadband or hotspot cafe that was presented earlier. That's not enough, this time there is another trick is to break free internet hotspot mikrotik. Actually been used in this way, but having just my practice then I write the steps to break his mikrotik hotspot.

First of all, we must remember that we usually connect with mikrotik hotspot then we will be faced with the proxy login menu before we can browse. Usually this happens on college campuses that provide hotspot faculty or in the office. Obviously at that time we did not think of how to hack mikrotik hotspot is.

This is her way to by pass proxy log, actually more appropriate if the client is called cloning. The point is we do not have to login first to be able to browse, because the target has been logged. We as his clone so no need to login. This trick only works for clients that we are still connected to the hotspot clone.

Here it is step by step break hotspot mikrotik:
Here it is step by step break hotspot mikrotik:

1. Download Netcut first, the program is to determine the MAC address connected with us.
2. Connect your computer to the hotspot mikrotik
3. Run the program Netcut
4. Select your LAN Card / NIC we use by clicking the menu Choice NetCard

5. Then click OK back to the main screen, select one of the network is connected. That is definitely not our network or network server.

6. Copy the IP address and MAC address, you can also click PrintTable block and then copy and paste into notepad to the next step.

7. Once pasted in notepad next step edit MAC address value, in this case [00:26:5 E: 60:81:1 C]. Remove the [:] so it becomes 00265E60811C. This value which we will use to change the MAC address.

8. Next we disable our first wireless LAN. Then open the properties and change the value of wireless LAN Local Administration MAC Network, default is empty. Fill in the values ‚Äč‚Äčabove, in this example 00265E60811C

9. Then we set our IP wireless LAN with the same IP is and complete DNS server address.
For DNS server address can be checked before we change MAC and IP. So the first time we connect to the hotspot, by typing the command from the command prompt
C: \> ipconfig / all

10. The last step is to re-enable our wireless LAN. Now we can browse without having permission to have hotspots.
11. Results:
Before making a clone

After doing clone

Well, that's the sign is complete. How to hack mikrotik hotspot is only for a short cut, because in fact we can find and ask hotspotnya admin username and password. Because of the way it is halal is usually better than a shortcut to dirty tricks. : p

if you do not understand, you can contact:

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At 11 July 2013 at 02:48 , Blogger Silvester Norman said...

It is fun hacking mikrotik hotspot with these steps. These steps allows hackers to clone the administrator to access internet connection.

Silvester Norman

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