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Monday, 25 March 2013

Pemutus Koneksi internet

Sowftware pemutus koneksi Internet

NetCut 3.0 Compatible Windows 7 + Patch - Download NetCut Untuk Windows 7 - NetCut New Version - Cara Menggunakan NetCut - Cara Memakai NetCut - Tips Trick NetCut - Cara Mematikan Koneksi orang lain via LAN/Hotspot - Software Pemutus Jaringan Lan/Hotspot - NetCut 3.0 Compatible Windows 7 With Patch Full Version
Sahabat Uzumaki_Popey Blog pasti kesel kalau jaringan Lan/Hotspot kita di pake sama orang lain yang masuk tanpa permisi? lagi input data kerjaan di kantor, tiba-tiba jaringan lemah dan loading. itu karena Bandwidth kita kepakai sama orang luar yang lagi OL atau download. Nah kali ini Uzumaki_Popey Blog mau ngasih software yang mantep biar jaringan Hotspot sahabat aman dari orang yang tidak permisi.

NetCut 3.0 Compatible Windows 7 With Patch Full Version Download - Merupakan software pemutus jaringan koneksi, dengan software ini sahabat Uzumaki_Popey Blog dapat memutuskan koneksi komputer atau notebook orang lain dalam satu jaringan Hotspot atau Lan.
Cara memakai netcut pun cukup mudah karena software ini memiliki tampilan yang friendly untuk orang newbie seperti admin Uzumaki_Popey.
Bagaiman cara menggunakan netcut ?
Nah jika sahabat masih bingung bagaimana menggunakannya, biar admin jelaskan dibawah ini :
  1. Ketika sedang online dalam 1 jaringan hotspot/Lan, Buka netcut
  2. Setelah itu akan muncul seperti gambar di atas3. Disana ada tulisan/menu cut off,resume,find,scan net.
  3. Kalau IP pengguna Hotspot/Lan Belum muncul coba untuk di scan dulu
  4. Setelah muncul daftar IP address pengguna jaringan Lan/Hotspot ( Kolom sebelah kiri ) anda tinggal memilih IP yang mau di cut koneksinya ( Note: Jangan Ngcut IP sendiri/IP Gateway ) klik cut off
  5. Tunggu beberapa menit dan lihatlah wajah orang yang sedang bingung di sekitar sahabat, jika sahabat melihatnya kemungkinan besar dialah pemilik IP address yang anda cut off barusan. 

jika anda kurang jelas dengan apa yg saya jelaskan di atas 
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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Get free access internet wifi

Get Free Access Internet WiFi

WiFi HotSpot As we know, hotspots or wireless internet access with standard 802.11b / g are not familiar stuff our ears, and when we go in public places like the Mall, Cafe, hotels and offices, with our easy to find the facility ..
Unfortunately not all providers offer wireless Internet facilities for free, or if free. extremely limited.
One of the protection used wireless service providers is to restrict Internet access based on MAC Address.
What is MAC Address?
In computer networking a Media Access Control address (MAC address) or Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) or hardware address or adapter address is a quasi-unique identifier attached to most network adapters (NICs) ..
Okay so the conclusion MAC Address is a unique number that distinguishes each network device that is attached dikomputer us.
An example is the hotspot in hotel hilton. At hilton hotspot The Wireless Internet service providers, limiting the use of the Internet is free only for 3 hours, after that you can not access the Internet again, and would not be able to access again tomorrow. Type of protection used is MAC Address Filtering.
How to break through the protection with a MAC Address?
There is a very useful tool for anda.Tools was named K-MAC Download DiciniWith this tool you will be able to change your MAC-Address instantly and what does it mean? You can break the MAC Address Protection!. Each share of Internet access you run out in 3 hours, you need to do is change your MAC address, and do the connection.I add more for info. WEP/WPA/WPA-2 cracking passwords usingprograms are available in packages of OS backtrackkismetKismet is a security tool that runs Linux, Kismet is used to eavesdrop on data traffic in the Internet network.Aircrak-Aircrak-PTW PTW is a tool used to crack wireless protected. Each of these notebooks with different specs, so any way to use aircrack different.One trick is also used to search for passwords which are used by someone to access hotspots that use prepaid cards.Simple tool that prepared aja sih:Software required:1. Angry IP Scanner2. Technitium MAC AddressImmediately wrote now to how:# Find the location of the hotspot service provider, certainly in the area of ​​affordable hotspot network is ..# Turn on your laptop, and also turn on your wireless network and see the wireless network system tray icon, then right click and select view avalible wireless network, and of course after that you must connect to a wireless hotspot your destination.# After connect, right click the system tray and select status> choose details tab> look there ip given to us. Write down the ip.# Open the program AngryIP Scanner 2.21 and enter the ip range that we will scan (ip data used were we) at the top. For example: IP that we can then enter the ip in the first column of our range in accordance with an earlier but instead of ip numbers at the end of the first to be and the second column write the same but the number one end was replaced with 255 to 135 125 .1.255. result is to and click start (red button).# After scanning then we'll get a live ip data connected with these hotspots. after scanning is complete then see the ip of the living (alive hosts) blue right click on the live ip ip Right-click on the blue color was right click> show> mac address and there will be a code mac address (mac addresses sometimes there does not appear, select Just the other ip). Write down the mac address that we get.# Open the program Technitium MAC Address v5 release 3 which we have prepared. There is a mac address field. well now just change the mac address with which we got earlier and press change mac id.# Wait for our mac will be replaced and a temporary connection and connect again automatically disconnected itself.# Go to the firefox web browser, or anything goes. Enjoy Free Internet.One thing to remember is that our system is the transfer of passenger data to hack an account that we had.It can outsmart the status of hotspot login page enter it (to account). For example status and so go there it looks prepaid card code number and we simply keep track of, then logout and log back into the hotspot's login page quickly enter the password earlier. This will make us can directly access the Internet without a ride again (because that make us prepaid card code) so if anyone wants to login to use the card (which had a code) when you log in using the card of course he can not enter because prepaid cards."Already logged".How about it, interesting is not it?But I suggest, as I do is to ride alone, because I do not want to go too far, like the way I Tell to log off and log in again will surely make the owner can not log in. Request permission directly is also a possibility that had not refused, the origin of his interests is urgent.For Ip Scanning can also use the application Dude, download it here, to determine the condition of the computers connect to the hotspot. Can be tried too ya ..Hmm, i have some usefull tools again, check it.WEP and WPA KeyGeneratorWireless Key Generator run it live programs generate,, and coffee directly into the network key. ...Or also you used this application "wifi password finder"seach it self in search engine :D, all this is just for learning, as long as we are still able to use the legal why not wrote. And this can also be used by the hotspot owner, if in this way can still be used to break into. So it needs more security.


How to hack mikrotik hotspot

How to hack mikrotik hotspot

During recent months a growing number of free internet tricks spread via the Internet. Whether it's breaking through mobile broadband or hotspot cafe that was presented earlier. That's not enough, this time there is another trick is to break free internet hotspot mikrotik. Actually been used in this way, but having just my practice then I write the steps to break his mikrotik hotspot.

First of all, we must remember that we usually connect with mikrotik hotspot then we will be faced with the proxy login menu before we can browse. Usually this happens on college campuses that provide hotspot faculty or in the office. Obviously at that time we did not think of how to hack mikrotik hotspot is.

This is her way to by pass proxy log, actually more appropriate if the client is called cloning. The point is we do not have to login first to be able to browse, because the target has been logged. We as his clone so no need to login. This trick only works for clients that we are still connected to the hotspot clone.

Here it is step by step break hotspot mikrotik:
Here it is step by step break hotspot mikrotik:

1. Download Netcut first, the program is to determine the MAC address connected with us.
2. Connect your computer to the hotspot mikrotik
3. Run the program Netcut
4. Select your LAN Card / NIC we use by clicking the menu Choice NetCard

5. Then click OK back to the main screen, select one of the network is connected. That is definitely not our network or network server.

6. Copy the IP address and MAC address, you can also click PrintTable block and then copy and paste into notepad to the next step.

7. Once pasted in notepad next step edit MAC address value, in this case [00:26:5 E: 60:81:1 C]. Remove the [:] so it becomes 00265E60811C. This value which we will use to change the MAC address.

8. Next we disable our first wireless LAN. Then open the properties and change the value of wireless LAN Local Administration MAC Network, default is empty. Fill in the values ​​above, in this example 00265E60811C

9. Then we set our IP wireless LAN with the same IP is and complete DNS server address.
For DNS server address can be checked before we change MAC and IP. So the first time we connect to the hotspot, by typing the command from the command prompt
C: \> ipconfig / all

10. The last step is to re-enable our wireless LAN. Now we can browse without having permission to have hotspots.
11. Results:
Before making a clone

After doing clone

Well, that's the sign is complete. How to hack mikrotik hotspot is only for a short cut, because in fact we can find and ask hotspotnya admin username and password. Because of the way it is halal is usually better than a shortcut to dirty tricks. : p

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Hack Facebook

Cara Hack Facebook Orang Lain

   Asalamualaikum Wr Wb

          hehehe ada masalah dengan fecebook kalian sobat? atau kalian benci dengan seseorang sehingga anda pengen hack facebooknya? caranya mudah brew.. tinggal ikutin langkah berikut:

Langkah 1: Buka Facebook.com, pastikan jangan salah alamat website.

Langkah 2: Pastikan target yang ingin di hack sudah menjadi teman dengan akun facebook anda. Jika belum menjadi teman masih ada cara ke 2 kok.

Langkah 3: Setelah menentukan target cek data data dirinya. Temukan informasi yang mendukung seperti alamat email,  dan nomor telepon.

Langkah 4: Pastikan target dalam keadaan online. Jika tidak online coba hubungi dan suruh dia membuka facebook.

Langkah 5: Ini adalah poin yang paling utama. Pada poin ini kita harus mengajak untuk melakukan obrolan.

Langkah 6: Setelah melakukan obrolan tanyakan alamat email atau username beserta password akun facebooknya.

Langkah 7: Nah jika sudah diberi, segera keluar dari akun facebook anda dan login menggunakan username dan password yang sudah kita dapatkan.

Langkah 8: Nah sekarang adalah saat eksekusi, terserah anda mau diapain akun itu. Mau di ganti password, nulis status gak jelas, itu urusan anda.

Untuk akun yang belum menjadi teman atau sedang tidak online juga bisa di hack dengan langkah-langkah berikut:
Klik akun yang akan menjadi target
Klik kirim pesan
Lalu kirimkan pesan dengan format yang membuat target memberitahukan alamat email dan password akun facebooknya.
Gimana ampuh kan caranya? Kalo tidak bisa coba kirim ulang atau ganti target. Tapi kalo besok kamu didatengin yang punya akun facobook terus digebukin jangan salahin saya yah :) Sekian, baca juga artikel

Catatan: pastikan mengikuti langkah-langkah dari awal sampai akhir..jangan ada yg kelewatan/kelewat                 
             karana 1 kesalah saja akan menyebabkan gagal..

Wasalam Wr Wb

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Hack Wifi

Cara mudah  Hack Wifi yang menggunakan Password

    sebelumnya kalian harus download software di bawah ini:

1.WireSharek <klik here>

2. jalankan porgram WireShark

3. Tekan tombol Ctrlc + k (klik capture lalu option

4. Pastikan isi interfacenya adalah Etmamet Card anda yg menuju ke jaringan bila bukan ganti dan pastikan 
    pula bahwa "Capture packetc in promiscuous mode on" 

4. Klik tombol start

5. Klik tombol stop setelah anda merasa yakin bahwa ada password yang masuk selamaanda menekan tombol start

6. Anda bisa melihat semua jenis packet yang masuk dan keluar di jaringan (atau pada komputer anda saja jika network anda menggunakan Switch

7. Untuk menganalisis datanya klik kanan pada data yang ingin di analisis lalu klik “Follow TCP Stream” dan selamat menganalisis paketnya (saya tidak akan menjelaskan caranya karena saya tidak bisa )

8. Yang jelas dari data itu pasti di dalamnya terdapat informasi2 yang dimasukkan korban ke website dan sebaliknya

Cara di atas hanya berlaku apabila jaringan anda adalah Hub bukan switch Dari cara di atas anda dapat mengetahui bahwa jaringan anda adalah hub/switch dengan melihat pada kolom IP Source dan IP Destination. Bila pada setiap baris salah satu dari keduanya merupakan ip anda maka dapat dipastikan jaringan anda adalah jaringan switch, bila tidak ya berarti sebaliknya.

jika anda kurang jelas dengan apa yg telah di jelaskan saya anda bisa hubungi:
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